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In 2016 I completed my first music video 'Leaves of Three' by Meter Bridge.  Since then Kuro Cabra has been working  with a number of  bands across Canada.

Each video has been coordinated with client feedback to ensure the story, style and quality mesh with the band’s tone and message.

The goal of Kuro Cabra Studios is to find the best way to showcase the client’s vision and surprise their audience with a range of unexpected detail, emotion and imagination.

I value the quality of every project and do my best to deliver a fresh and exciting take every time.  - Jesse Stasiuk -

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"Polarizing" by Con

July, 2020

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long back 2.jpg

"Best Friends" by Bella Cat

April 2019

best friends 3 smaller.jpg
best friends 2 smaller.jpg
best friends smaller.jpg
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long back 3.jpg

February 2019

"Movin On" by The Hillties

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"Vibe Setter" by Intersect

Movin On
Movin On

August 2018

Vibe Setter
Vibe Setter
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June 2018

"Like Gary Numan" by Church of Trees

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Like Gary Numan
like gary numan 4 smaller.jpg
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"Back From the Dead" by Average Citizens

January, 2020

gypsy 2 smaller.jpg
Back From the Dead
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May, 2020

"Mobile Phone" by Average Citizens

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September 2019

"Wrong Done" by Moontricks

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"Eye On You" by Church of Trees

August 2019

Eye On You
Eye On You
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May 2019

"A Freight Train" by Sills & Smith

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freight train 3 small.jpg

"Leaves of Three" by Meter Bridge

February 2018

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Leaves of Three - Meter Bridge

 "Vibe Inside"

February, 2021

Average Citizens + Hot Fire + Greed + Rawl Night Long

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Vibe Inside Kuro Cabra Studios 3.jpg
Vibe Inside Kuro Cabra Studios 7.jpg

 "Emergency" by Halcyon Phase

May, 2021

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