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Just Released!


 by Halcyon Phase

from the studio album Tendrils. Composed by Frank Smith (words, music) and Phillip Victor Bova (music).  

Check it out here

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Kuro Cabra Studios

Hi, I’m Jesse Stasiuk, and this is my Company. 

I specialize in animated music videos - even been nominated three times for ‘Best Music Video’- and I’m obsessed with developing a fascinating plot.  I want to find the best way to showcase my client’s vision and surprise their audience with a range of unexpected detail, emotion, and imagination.

So… no surprise… I love to draw!

Why not give this Okanagan based 2D Animation Studio a chance to make you ‘stand out in the flock’

Be the Kuro Cabra!

I’m passionate about colour, detail, nature, science, games, storytelling, culture, and style; whether it’s a music video, an album cover design, or your personal tattoo, I will strive for originality. 

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Bernard Frazer, Church of Trees

"We've been delighted to work with Jesse on 2 Church of Trees music videos. On both occasions, we were incredibly impressed by his vision, creativity, professionalism, and artistry. We have and will continue to highly recommend him to other artists.

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